Living The Fairytale With Dwinguler Castle Playpen

Nisha Mathew

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there lived a beautiful princess in a fabulous castle…

A breathtaking castle is the main feature in all the fairy tales your child grows up listening too. A grand castle is the key to a grand kingdom and is home to the king and queen. Most importantly, these fairy tale castles are an important part of your child’s imagination, fantasy and play! Now, what if we told you - you little ones could have their own grand castle to play with?

Yes, it's true... we give you the Dwinguler Castle Playroom - a castle that will allow tiny human beings a wild run with their imagination. They can be royalty, dragons, elves, anything their fantasy tells them to be. With the Dwinguler Castle Play Room, a fantasy castle is no longer confined to picture-books but can come to life!

Known for its trademark high quality and safety features, Dwinguler Castle Playpen is safe, spacious, sturdy and light-weight and comfortable - the perfect play partner for your little one no matter what they are up to in their imaginary kingdom. The Castle Playpen also comes with a learning station designed to promote sensory development. Learning as they play, kids can play with the phone (quite the modern fairy tale castle this..), gears and levers and even draw cute animal characters!

Dwinguler Castle Playpen, designed to create a safe, healthy play area for children and their play activities, is fully certified for safety and quality. The play pen comes equipped with safety features like a double lock for safe and secure locking, see-through windows to keep an eye on your child as they play, rounded edges to prevent injury, and non-slip rubber feet for slip-resistance and stability.

Dwinguler Castle is equipped with a hinged swinging door with safety lock, four medium panels, four connectors, two large panels, one activity board, and four panel holders. The Castle is easy to use, easy to assemble/disassemble, and easy to store and transport. The Dwinguler Castle Playroom is the largest in the market and is the right size to fit a large size Dwinguler Playmat.

Come fall in love with the Dwinguler Castle Playroom. It is simply put – the best product for our children!

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