Baby Shower Gift Ideas from Dwinguler

Shaila Patoley

One of your besties is having a baby. You and gang decide to throw her a baby shower. Phone calls are made, a list is drawn of pals who will be attending. Then, one lazy afternoon, all of the girls get together at your place and the planning begins. Where should this shower be held? What should we do for decorations? Food, what about food…what should the mix of dishes be? Should we surprise her or should we let her know in advance, so it does not clash with something else she plans? Should we call her family members…women only, of course. A lot of back and forth, plenty of potato chips and several drinks later, a plan is born and its execution and details are in place. Everyone breathes easy. After a bit of chitchat, gossip and more food, everyone gets ready to leave. Wait…the gift, we forgot the gift!! A collective groan goes around the room. 

Before everyone starts raiding the bar to calm their nerves, may we suggest Dwinguler products as baby shower gifts? Our products are safe, durable, and colourful. Kids love them! Plus, parents will be super-happy to receive something that is truly useful. Well, here's a look at what we've got.


Our play mats are safe and literally the softest in the market. Wonderful news for babies' delicate skin! Mommies can start using the play mat the minute their little bundle of joy starts crawling right up till they reach 7 years of age. Dwinguler Playmats come in a variety of interesting designs that kids will love. Plus, they can be carried everywhere you go to create a safe spot for kids to hang out on. 


To absolutely bowl mommie-to-be over, you could consider gifting the Dwinguler Sound Sensory Playmat.  It comes with a talking pen, which, when used on the mat, produces sounds, music and stories. Yes, it is that awesome!



Castle Play Room

A lovely play pen in which kids are safe and can play for hours without getting into trouble. New moms will appreciate the breathing space they  get to complete other things around the house when they know that their little busy bees are safe inside a sturdy and thoughtfully designed play room…without the need for constant supervision.


Kids Sofa

All kids love their own seat. Think back to the boxes and tins you used to appropriate as your own to sit on, to climb on and to put your Barbies, Mickeys, Teddies and Batman on. The very same sentiment lives on in the new generation. The Kids Sofa will give the little tots legit seating of their own that is safe and comes in a choice of lovely colours.


Our products are suitable for kids of all ages—babies, toddlers and young children up to the age of 7. This makes them very very useful baby shower gifts that can be used for a long time.

These products make great gifts all by themselves, but you can create a lovely little hamper by adding a few other things that you believe the new mom and newborn would needfeeding bottles, baby jhablas, toys, blankets, pacifiers, teething rings or something else. And as always, our advice is 

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