Tummy time with Play Mats

Nisha Mathew

If you’re a new mom or dad home with your newborn baby, you know the importance of spending quality time bonding with your little one - you've done tons of research on it! And, because of said tons of research you guys also know - tummy time is an integral part not only to the bonding ritual but is also important for a baby’s healthy growth, development and wellness.

Why is tummy-time important? It helps prevent flat spots on the back of your baby's head. Makes neck and shoulder muscles stronger and improves your baby's motor skills. Tummy time helps promote sensory development, allowing babies to see the world from a whole new perspective. And, not to forget, tummy time is the best for bonding!

How to make tummy time fun? If you are looking to introduce tummy time, begin with a few minutes at a time, allowing your baby to get used to the new tummy down position. As your baby’s neck and upper body control improves, gradually increase the time spent on tummy time. Make it enjoyable by getting down to your baby’s level, so you are looking at each other and sing, smile or talk to keep your baby’s attention. Placing rattles or easy-to-grasp toys within reach can also encourage longer tummy-time play times. As your baby gets older, tummy time sessions can last longer, and you can have them more often through the day.

Tummy time and play mats? We are sure, everything you've read about tummy-time advices you to find a spot on the floor, spread out a blanket and place your baby on his or her belly. Here is where Dwinguler India comes in to say... use our Dwinguler Playmats or Baby Care play mats. It’s not just a statement we make... here are the reasons we have for use of our play mats for a comfy and fun tummy time.










  • You may lay out a blanket on the carpet or a hard floor, but after a few minutes you’ll begin to notice the hard floor underneath and feel the discomfort on your knees, elbows and hips. If you are this uncomfortable, imagine how it will be for your baby. At Dwinguler India, we believe that mom's, dads, and babies should have fun and be comfortable during tummy-time. Our Dwinguler and Baby Care play mats are padded and have superior cushioning for a soft and protected space that is perfect for tummy time. 
  • For tummy-time, do you want them to be face down on a surface where they can easily mouth the floor and everything around them? Who knows what kind of germs this will allow into their delicate systems. Dwinguler India has the perfect solution – play mats that make for a clean, hygienic, germ free surface for baby's tummy time. 
  • Our play mats are waterproof, which is good for any accidental spills and messes during tummy time. Just wipe with a wet cloth and you are good to go. Mom's and dads can rest assured that the surface is clean, bacteria free and disinfected for healthy babies even if they cannot keep their mouth off of the play mat. 

  • Make the most of tummy time by keeping your little one entertained with play mats that have bright colours and appealing graphics. Our playmats have stories and big cheery elements that keep things interesting and entertaining for your little one, keeping them distracted and on their tummy longer. Of course, these mats are big enough for both of you to spread out, interact and have fun.

  • Dwinguler and Baby Care Playmat are portable and very easy store. You can move it from room to room so that your baby can have their tummy time anywhere in the house. You can even take these mats outside for tummy time play out in the sunshine and fresh air!

So, come on in, explore our range of Dwinguler Playmats and Baby Care Playmats and let us be part of you little one’s tummy time adventure! We do hope we play a role in making tummy time relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable, for both of you.

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