Crawling made comfortable with Playmats!

Nisha Mathew

Uh-oh wasn't it just yesterday that you held your bundle of joy in your arms, all red-faced, wrinkled and bawling?! And, today your precious baby is already asserting their independence by crawling! And before you know it, they'll be walking, and then running all over the house and then....! Relax momma, breathe easy, before you have your tiny baby married off, let’s focus right now on their crawling phase and how we can make it safe and comfy for them.

Each stage of baby's development is so exciting, but the moment your baby starts crawling – that’s when the real fun begins! Crawling is a huge milestone for your baby as it is their first step toward independent movement. It opens up their world up to so many new discoveries and leads the way to standing, walking, and eventually running. Now, crawling is in no way a cake-walk (or is it cake-crawl?) It is a tough job that requires a baby to use both mind and body giving their physical as well as mental muscles a good workout!

But with your baby’s newly discovered independence come a whole new world of potential dangers and disasters. Once your baby starts to crawl, safety takes on a new meaning. Get your home ready as soon as baby can sit up and pivot on her tummy. Follow some of these tips to ensure that your little crawler incurs as few bumps and bruises as possible.

  • Provide a safe and cushioned crawl space: If you have wood floors, make sure they are free from splinters, nails, or any other sharp objects so that your baby has a smooth surface on which to roam. Whether it be wood or any type of hard flooring with not many carpeted areas at home, consider getting a Dwinguler or Baby Care Playmat to give your baby a soft and cushioned spot for them to crawl with comfort. With play mats from Dwinguler India, you not only provide for a safe and comfortable crawling spot but you also significantly reduce bumps or bruising to tender knees and hands.
  • Crawl as a couple: Get down on all fours and crawl around the house with your baby to get a baby's-eye view of the potential dangers they may encounter when crawling. Crawling around with your baby will also give you the chance to teach some crawling safety tips — for example: what’s okay to grab and what’s not etc. And while you are down on all fours, you will realise how uncomfortable it really gets on the knees and hands. And, if it wreaks havoc on you, imagine what hard floors will do to really tiny and super sensitive skin! Get the super comfy and padded Baby Care and Dwinguler Playmats! It is a win-win, both you and the baby stay comfortable.

Image source: Mum's Calling

With the play mats available at Dwinguler India, you can safely let your baby crawl over and over while you supervise. When they reach the end of the play mat, simply turn them around and watch them go at it again! Once they have tired themselves out, our baby play mats makes for the perfect spot for them to take a short rest or a quick nap as they deem fit. The benefits you reap with using play mats does not stop here - join your baby on the play mat and enjoy some bonding time until they're ready to crawl again!

In addition to getting our play mats and constant supervision, we also suggest the following precautions to keep your mini crawl monster safe:

  • Move electrical and window cords out of the way; plug up electrical outlets.
  • Lock cabinets that contain dangerous items (think poisons, medicines, sharp objects, or breakables).
  • Get rid of items on the floor that are small enough to fit into your baby's mouth and possibly choke them (since your baby will mouth anything they can get their hands on!).
  • Section off any danger zones (like the bathroom) by installing a safety gate at the entrance of the room or area or keeping the door closed.
  • If your house has multiple levels, install a gate at the top and bottom of the stairs. (Source:

At Dwinguler India, we carry a variety of designs, such as Dwinguler Zoo and Dwinguler Dinoland or Baby Care Pingko & Friends and Baby Care Busy Farm. Explore at Dwinguler India and find a play mat that is your baby’s perfect crawling buddy!

No matter what crawling safety precautions you've taken, watch your little crawler with an eagle eye at all times! Happy crawling!

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