Posh Baby and Kids Launches Dwinguler and Baby Care Playmats In India

Nisha Mathew

Posh Baby and Kids, an exclusive Canadian distributor specializing in non-toxic and stylish baby products, launches its line of Dwinguler and Baby Care Playmats in India. The play mats provide a safe, clean and non-toxic floor space for babies and young children. Eco-friendly, safe and educational, the play mats come in a variety of stimulating patterns and vibrant colours designed to inspire your child's imagination.

“Posh Baby and Kids is thrilled with the launch of Dwinguler and Baby Care Playmats in India. Our high quality, non-toxic play mats will bring tremendous value to parents looking for the best for their children. These play mats offer convenience, functionality and safety,” said Jeanee Li, Account Manager at Posh Baby and Kids.

Dwinguler and Baby Care play mats are free from harmful heavy metal substances, toxic substances and endocrine disruptor's such as phthalates. Superior cushioning of the mats ensures a soft landing for kids as they roll, tumble, learn to walk and fall. A non-slip surface further prevents slipping and injuries. These play mats scores well on the learning and education front. The double-sided mats use bright colours and eye-catching graphics that kids will love. All these features make the play mats gentle and safe for children, eco-friendly, fun and engaging, and a great pre-school learning aid that promotes sensory development in children well before they start school.

Dwinguler and Baby Care play mats can be used in living room, playroom, bedroom/nursery in homes, nurseries and crèches in educational institutions, in gyms and in children’s play areas in malls, hospitals, stores and offices.

“We're really excited to be in India. It's an important market. The consumers are educated, aware and in step with the rest of the world. We have a great product for them and we are sure over time, as they buy these mats, they will realize that it has been a good purchase,” said Deepak Raghavan, President and CEO of Posh Baby and Kids. 

Posh Baby and Kids introduces this exclusive line of Dwinguler Playmats and Baby Care Playmats to parents across the country through its retail website

Our products are also available to retailers and wholesalers looking to stock premium baby products. If you are a retailer looking for more details, please visit our wholesale website: For samples and account set up, please contact us at 

About Posh Baby and Kids

Posh Baby and Kids offers high quality, long lasting, eco-friendly baby products. With years of experience in the baby products market, Posh Baby and Kids believes in being partners with parents in caring for children and ensuring their health, safety and sound development. As an exclusive distributor for Dwinguler and Baby Care’s premium baby products, Posh Baby and kids also offers high quality, non-toxic and stylish baby play mats; taking great care to choose only those products that have passed rigorous quality tests and are trusted.

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