How To Care For Your Baby Play Mat

Nisha Mathew

Our play mats were designed for the ultimate in comfort and ease of use. Like any product we need to do our little bit to maintain and keep the play mat at its optimal performance and durability. Please read the following manufacturers tips on how to care for your play mat to keep it longer lasting, newer looking and avoid damaging the mat.

  • To clean the play mat, simply wipe the surface with a clean cloth or towel. Use a neutral detergent if needed. Harsh chemical cleaners may damage the surface and are not recommended by the manufacturer.  
  • Avoid using vacuum cleaners with bristle heads as they may cause scratching.
  • Avoid direct contact with heating elements as these may damage the playmat. Avoid leaving the play mat in extremely cold or hot temperatures.
  • Please note that some pens, markers, and crayons may leave permanent stains.
  • Do not place any furniture or appliances on the surface of the mat for any extended period of time as this may cause permanent compression.
  • The product may expand or shrink depending on the temperature. (+/- 3%)
  • We recommend that you keep the original box and use it to store your play mat when not in use. 

Now, sit back and let your baby enjoy the play mat!

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