How to use the Talking Pen.

Shaila Patoley

So you have purchased the Music Parade Sound Sensory Playmat. Good choice! One of a kind, this revolutionary play mat focuses on helping your child learn through sound. The Music Parade Playmat comes with a Talking Pen that has to be used together with the mat. When placed on various images on the play mat, the Talking Pen produces sounds that are connected with these images and graphics.

The play mat has:

  • Animal sounds
  • Stories in two languages
  • Five classic music selections

 Dwinguler Music Parade Playmat

Here is a simple guide on how to operate the Talking Pen:

1. Place two AAA batteries in the rear of the pen.

2. Fasten the battery compartment with the small screws that come inside the pen's packaging.

3. Hold the power button down for three seconds to turn the pen on.

4. Locate the menu on either side of the play mat to adjust the volume, tap the volume accordingly.

5. Tap any image on the play mat to hear the corresponding sound. 

6. Hold power button down for three seconds to turn pen off.


You can also go through this video tutorial that demonstrates the steps mentioned above:


 You are now ready to help your kids make the most of your Dwinguler Sound Sensory Playmat!

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