What’s so special about Dwinguler Playmats?

Shaila Patoley

Babies bring out the protective instinct in parents. It must have something to do with the large melting innocent eyes and the fact that babies trust their parents without an iota of doubt. Faced with this absolute trust, parents are determined to never let their kids down and to always provide them with the very best they can afford. Those are parents and that is love.

Dwinguler gets that. We understand parents and their good intentions, and we know how delicate and precious babies are. So, we give parents a play mat that they can trust as blindly as their own babies trust them. 

The Dwinguler Baby Playmat is unlike any other you have seen. It is literally one of the safest, if not the safest play mat in the market. Over the years, Dwinguler Playmats have consistently adhered to high quality and safety benchmarks. 

Chemical-free and Very Safe

Dwinguler play mats are free from:

  • Formamide
  • Harmful heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, chromium, selenium, arsenic, barium, antimony or mercury
  • Toxic materials such as formaldehyde and toluene
  • Phthalate chemicals
  • Endocrine disruptors.

These play mats are super safe for kids and are easy on the environment too.

Quality Certifications 

We are proud to have all the right certifications to back our claims. Our play mats have been approved by SGS, comply with the requirements of Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) in the USA, safe standards in Europe (EN-71 passed), as well as the GCC Technical Regulations (Gulf Conformity Mark).

Padded Construction for Protection against Injury

Dwinguler play mats are thick and have a padded body that comprises multiple foam layers. These layers make the mat shock-absorbent and provide kids with an extra soft, cushioned landing as they jump, run, fall and play on the mat. This also means that their delicate wrists and knees and their tender skin is protected from bruises and injuries. Basically, kids can be kids, and parents can breathe easy.

Bright Colours, Engaging Graphics and Educational Elements   

Keeping a child happily occupied is a Herculean task. With a short attention span and loads of curiosity, engaging a child’s attention is the kind of challenge that can make even seasoned parents break out in a sweat! Dwinguler has tried to tackle that challenge as well. Their play mats have rich, deep, vivid colours that catch a child’s eye. The graphics of adorable animals, nature, and objects will appeal to kids and cement their interest and engagement. Most play mats have a theme: Animal Safari, Fairytale Land, Dino Land…things that kids can relate to and feel excited about. On the reverse side all mats have some kind of educational element like alphabets, numerals, word-picture associations, concept explanations, spelling and more. Children learn as they play…and they do not get bored. High five!

 Focus of Children and their Healthy Development

So children-oriented are we that even our logo bears the symbolism to indicate that. Dwinguler is a phonetic transcription of the Korean word meaning 'rolling about'. This is beautifully represented with the English letter 'W' symbolizing a mother and child together on a mat. The blue and pink dots emphasize the innocence of a child and the love of a mother. The English letter 'L' in the shape of a silver spoon symbolizes bountiful wealth, and a comfortable space where children of the world can grow healthy and prosper.      

 We are Dwinguler. And we hope to be a part of your journey of bringing up healthy, happy and wonderful kids.                                                                                  





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