Where did the dinosaurs come from?

Nisha Mathew

Ever wonder where all those cute dinosaurs on our Dwinguler Dinoland Playmat came from? Well, we know how. Let us tell you the story....

Once upon a time, in a far away lost land nestled in a giant crater, there lived Iamsocuteosaurus, a mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the last ever group of dinosaurs. For many many years, these lonely lost souls had managed to survive all the changes on earth. But, truth be told, it was a sad sad world – it was lost, it was far away, there was no fun, no one to roar at... all the dinosaurs were seriously bored to death!

One day Iamsocuteosaurus decided that enough was enough! They had spent enough time separated from the rest of the world. It was time to come out of hiding. It was time this little lost group found some humans to dominate. Most importantly it was time they got to have some fun! So, over the next few months, the dinosaurs worked together. They packed up their belongings, worked on a plan for mass human terrorizing, practised their mighty roars, sharpened and polished their gleaming teeth and claws and eagerly waited for the day they could leave their lost land forever! (good riddance they thought!)

After months of sweat and toil (with a good mix of boredom thrown in for good measure), on a glorious morning, Iamsocuteosaurus let out a mighty roar and said, “Today is the day! Dear brothers and sisters, it is time... today is the day... Come let us demolish these walls that imprison us and find our place in the new world... and some humans to enslave!” Just what the dinosaurs wanted to hear... with some earth shattering clomping, the overly happy dinosaurs broke down their barrier and barrelled down the road.

Upon leaving their home of thousands of years, the clomping dinosaurs soon realised, that everything looked and felt different... everything (quite disconcertingly so) looked taller and bigger...and a bit scary! Luckily, Iamsocuteosaurus was a great leader and the dinosaurs continued on, resolute. Finally, after days of walking and clomping, the mighty band reached the top of some mountains, and from there they saw a small town. The houses and their human beings seemed like tiny dots. Never having seen human beings before, the dinosaurs leapt down the mountainside, ready to destroy anything that stood in their way... (how dangerous could tiny dots be really..?) And at this very point in the story... is where their well thought out world domination plan went swirling down the drain!

As the ferocious dinosaurs and their mighty leader Iamsocuteosaurus got closer to the “small” town and their inhabitants, they were horrified to find... that in reality they were getting smaller while the houses were getting bigger and bigger... and when the dinosaurs finally arrived, it turned out that the houses were much bigger than the dinosaurs themselves. A little girl in pigtails (taller than the ferocious dinosaurs let it be noted) lets out an excited scream and runs through her town yelling, “Tiny dinosaurs!!!! So cute they are!!! Come see everybody come see... Can we keep them?"

And such is life. It turns out... millions of years of evolution had turned them into midget dinosaurs. When they realised that there would no longer be world domination nor would they get a chance to enslave human beings, the mighty Iamsocuteosaurus and his dinosaur followers were forced to strike a deal with the townspeople.

They were awarded a piece of land where they could roam free, where they could do whatever they pleased without fear of being enslaved and made into common house pets. In exchange the dinosaurs, would be friendly, stay cute, open their lives and share their history with kids around the world, in general live a life filled with fun, friends and excitement! Oh how wonderful that sounded to Iamsocuteosaurus and the other dinosaurs!

The last we hear... Iamsocuteosaurus has named his wonderful new land “Dinoland” and has it filled with load of fun stuff. Dinoland’s got everything a kid would want to have the best time of their life! It comes loaded with a water park, amusement rides, boats, toy houses, fountains, giant Ferris wheels, slides, toy horses... you name it.. you got it! Dinoland is now home to a bunch of fun loving and happy dinosaurs who simply love love to entertain children (and on occasion their parents.)

Catch Iamsocuteosaurus and his merry gang of dinosaurs at the “Dinoland

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