Baby Playmats – Giving Parents That Needed Moment

Nisha Mathew

Are you feeling guilty taking a moment for yourself? We hear that new parents feel an overwhelming sense of guilt placing their newborn baby or young child down for even a short period of time, even if it is to do something important or to just take a much needed breather. Now, while it is true that babies and young children need to be held, comforted and monitored for safety – it is okay for moms and dads to free their hands and time to get something important done or simply just take a moment to themselves! We at Dwinguler India offers you baby playmats that are specifically made to create a safe and protected space for little ones – perfect for those moments when your baby finds themselves outside your protective arms. We’ve identified these five instances when it is ok to put your baby down, where you can really benefit from a superior play mat and be guilt-free!

1) Shower

You need to take a shower at some point – new parent or not, you deserve a nice hot shower that is guilt free! So we say, put down a Dwinguler or Baby Care Playmat at a secure place if your baby cannot roll yet or use it with the Dwinguler Castle Playpen to keep a more mobile baby safe – and then go ahead and enjoy the luxury of a ten to fifteen minute shower. Taking time to take care of yourself is completely okay and remember... it helps you take care of your little one that much better.

2) Chores

Indian parents with the luxury of support from extended family may not have it so bad when it comes to getting the household chores accomplished. But for those who do not have this luxury, soon find out that getting chores around the house done becomes quite a task when you are carrying your baby around wherever you go. And really... tugging a baby around while you clean around the house with cleaning chemicals is just not right. Here’s where our baby play mats come in handy. Set up a fun and safe play space with one of our colourful and educative playmats, lay out your baby’s favourite toys on them; and have them happily engaged as you go around getting chores done - all the while keeping an eye on your baby. Believe us, as you get things done... your baby will stay happy, content and happily engaged and entertained by the many colourful graphics on the play mats.  

3) Dinnertime
Have your tried eating with a newborn? Of course you have... and you also know by now that it’s really really hard. Dinnertime or any food eating time becomes a baby juggling act where one parent gets to eat at one time and the other eats cold food! For the time it will take you to eat a hot meal – sitting down as a family – using one of our Baby Care or Dwinguler play mats in the living room will really help you out. You can still watch your baby, make sure they are happy and entertained, and enjoy your meal.

4) Joint Play

Dwinguler and Baby Care baby play mats give both parents and little brothers and sisters the chance to play and bond with the new addition to the family in a fun way without needing extra toys. For little ones that aren’t big enough to hold a baby safely, spreading out the baby play mats is a safe way for the children to interact that also offers a clean place to play. For parents who simply need to give their arms a break, sitting down on a colourful, interactive and fun baby play mat can be an enjoyable experience.

5) Just Take a Breather

As we have been saying from the start - new moms and dads, please know that it is okay to just take a breather. Try and take this breather when baby is at their happiest. If your infant is calm and you need a minute or two, this would be a good time to let your baby hang out on one of our captivating Baby Care or Dwinguler baby play mat. Use this minute to take a call or make a cup of tea or use the restroom! But we also believe, it is okay to put your baby down on a safe surface (like our play mats), even while crying, to take a few minutes to breathe and collect yourself. Because, happy parents make happy babies!


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