Buying the Perfect Diwali Gift For New Parents

Nisha Mathew

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Diwali, a joyous and most celebrated festival in India, is synonymous with family togetherness, lights, celebrations, sweets, eating and lots of crackers. Now, as many of us are quite aware... this happy occasion is also known for one other thing – yes, it is also known as the largest gift giving and shopping festival in India. The tradition of gift exchanging has become quite popular during Diwali (as is evident with all the Diwali sale and offers everywhere) and people have been known to go out of their way to splurge themselves and their loved ones.  

Let’s get one thing clear though - even with the Diwali offers galore - the exchanging of gifts today is not so simple! The Diwali Gifts exchanging tradition (or the idea of it) has grown to new heights in present times; it is considered socially mandatory to exchange Diwali, associated with prosperity and that extra special attention is now given and required when it comes to gift-giving.

Ok, now that we all agree that that art of Diwali gifting is a task in itself! What if it were to be one step more complex? You got it – there seems to be a baby boom happening! It sure looks like to be a time when a lot of folks we know are welcoming teeny-tiny beings into their lives. There’s no one more deserving of extra-special gifts than new parents and with Diwali right around the corner – it is time to start thinking about that perfect "Diwali – new baby" present – because new parents need extra extra special attention when it comes to gift-giving at Diwali this year.

So, if you are headed to a baby shower around Diwali time or to a Diwali party at a house with a new baby – STOP ogling those cute onesies, soft toys and blankets. Yes, we know how cute those are!! Often parents already have enough and more off adorable baby stuff that may be lacking in it usefulness. For brand new moms and dads it’s really nice to receive a truly useful gift!! So with that in mind - may we suggest our Dwinguler and Baby Care products as the perfect choice as Diwali gifts? Our products are safe, durable, and colourful. Kids love them! Plus, parents will be super-happy to receive something that is truly useful. Here's a look at the different options you've got.

Dwinguler and Baby Care Playmats

Both our Dwinguler and Baby Care range of playmats are absolutely safe and known to be the softest in the market. Wonderful news for you as these make for great gifts! New moms and dads can start using these play mat from when their little bundle of joy is tiny (and tired parents want to take a break), to when they start tummy time to crawling and right up till they reach 7 years of age. Our play mats come in a variety of interesting designs that are colourful, interactive and engaging - kids will love them and the parents will love you! They can be carried everywhere you go to create a safe spot for kids to hang out on. 

Dwinguler Castle Playroom

A gorgeous (and superbly functional) play pen, the Dwinguler Castle keeps kids safe and playing for hours without getting into trouble. New moms will appreciate the breathing space they get to complete other things around the house when they know that their little busy bees are safe inside a sturdy and thoughtfully designed play room…without the need for constant supervision.

Dwinguler Kids Sofa

Ok, this may not look like a gift for a tiny baby... but those teeny tiny human beings grow up into little people with a mind of their own, strong opinions and someone who would definitely love their own seat. The Kids Sofa will give the little tots legit seating of their own that is safe and comes in a choice of lovely colours.

Our products are suitable for kids of all ages—babies, toddlers and young children up to the age of 7. This makes them that perfect Diwali gift that makes you well-loved in the family or friends circle! Now what can possibly top this next year?!

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