Creating Play Areas at Home

Play is an important part of a child’s early life! By ensuring they have access to warm, rich playful spaces – at home - they will get comfortable exploring and enjoy being independent. Creative play spaces at home allow children to make the most out of their time with you; it will also inspire them to – play in purposeful and meaningful ways, learn through play experiences, value what they have, and maintain their space in an organized manner.

Not just for keeping children engaged fruitfully, creating play spaces at home also helps the adults – it helps you organize the sheer number of toys and kid stuff that you (they) have accumulated at home. And let’s be honest, keeping your children entertained in the common areas of the house – in their fun and special – play areas keep you sane as you go about your daily chores in peace.

You don’t need to go super fancy, you do not need a lot of space to have fun either! You just need to create spaces that are – welcoming, inspiring, engaging, creates a rich learning environment, enables them to be creative and allows them to go that little bit crazy, and ofcourse feels comfy, cozy and most importantly is clean and organized.

Here are some tips that we thought made sense in creating fun, fabulous and learning play spaces for your kids (and home!):

  1. Find a corner or niche.

    Carve out a little space in your house, in the living area or wherever possible, for the kids so it sets boundaries for toys and gives them guidance when they have to clean up.  Some rooms come with niches that would be perfect to transform into a play space, but even if the room is square you can still carve out an area with a little creativity and imagination.

  2. Make the space welcoming, inspiring, engaging. Make it FUN!

    Add loads of fun to the space – make it special! You want your kids to LOVE their little space and literally have them begging to play here (remember your sanity!). The space should feel nurturing and familiar at the same time as inviting children to explore and investigate by capturing their attention and provoking their interactions with the space.

  3. Make the space rich in learning.

    Keep the play area stocked up on good quality children’s reading material - fiction, non-fiction, magazines, catalogues, maps, menus, brochures, photo albums etc that will encourage children to see reading (and writing) as both enjoyable and useful.

  4. Use nice baskets/shelves for storage.

    Invest in some good looking and large baskets that compliment your decor.  These provide a great way to store (and hide) all the toys. Also work out a system, space and storage for using and storing pencils, paints, crayons, glue, scissors, and other creative materials etc. Efficient storage systems make the use off and clean up after easier and less stressful.

  5. Create a space that represents current interests and developmental needs. To help keep children engaged store away toys that they have outgrown or are not currently showing any interest in. Create special spaces for those toys your child is really interested in at the moment.

  6. Make the play space cozy and comfortable.

    Strive for a sense of comfort and coziness by including sentimental items and/or beautiful objects. Plants, photos in frames, thoughtfully displayed artworks, cushions – all create a sense of warmth and make it a place where children will love to hang out.

  7. Ensure the play space is clean and organised.

    So that children can easily access what they need when they need it and it teaches them to maintain their space. And, it also makes pack away time that much easier.

And, to help you on your journey towards creating an awesome play space for your little one, let us provide you with some of the basic necessities.

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