Dwinguler Playmat – A Happy Customer Review

Shaila Patoley

This is why we do what we do! A happy customer makes us very happy. A happy customer who takes the time out to give us such an awesome review makes us proud that we are part of such solid and trustworthy brand. Thank you, Ms. Mathew, for your review and letting us share it with our readers. So here goes - 

"I first came across the Dwinguler brand of playmats at the Krackerjack carnival. I thought - wow nice product, and, sent that info to the back of my mind. Then, when it was my turn, I started my research on everything my baby would need to be happy, healthy and safe and I looked up Dwinguler. Amazing reviews on Amazon with features and benefits that made my heart happy, but, the prices? Wow! A bit on the pricey side. So back it went to the back burner and decided to make do with home-grown measures to keep my baby safe!

Then that day came! My little boy while learning how to sit up lost balance, bonked his head hard on the floor and didn't stop crying for the longest time! So, the moment he stopped crying I put in an order for the Dwinguler Dinoland Playmat! Who cares about pricing when your precious is crying his eyes out! This turned out to be the BEST decision I have made as a new parent! It took my baby a little while to get used to the playmat with its graphics and padded comfort, but it has now become his safe zone! He has since then learnt how to sit, crawl and stand all within the comfort of the playmat. He crawls out of the playmat to explore but always comes back to his playmat for more play time or for some RnR.

Now, coming to all those playmat features that had excited me. How did they stack up against reality? Very well I must say!

The Dwinguler Playmat really is super padded and cushiony as they claim which means it gives serious protection against injuries and the tears! My little fellow has fallen down - hard - so many times since we picked up the playmat with absolutely no crying, no pain or boo-boo's. It is soft which keeps him comfy as he plays. Not just for babies, my parents love to park themselves so comfortably on the playmat while playing with LO. What can be better than injury free play time? The fact that the injury free play time is so easy to clean up after! We've had a few accidents, food fights and water wars that were easily wiped up with a wet cloth. Easy peasy muss free! To top it all is the cherry on the icing - these Dwinguler playmats are made from very high quality and baby friendly materials with no harmful chemicals and other stuff. All round peace of mind for me and everybody else watching over LO.

Coming back to the price point, there were the more budget Baby Care and Bebedom playmats that Dwinguler India was selling - but my heart was set on the Dwinguler Dinoland Playmat. And for good reason! Have you looked at the playmat? There is a whole cutesy Jurassic world with really adorable little dinosaurs on one side of the playmat. And on the other, it has alphabets and numbers. My LO is at the moment too young to fully appreciate this but I do know that the time will come when he will learn from it and let his imagination fly!

Thank you Dwinguler for keeping me stress free and my baby injury free!!

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  • I have a similar yet different story. I got baby play mat as a gift from my aunt when I became a parent. Let me tell you, play mats really save kids from getting serious injuries. It helped me and my son a lot. But, a few years later when I became a parent again of an angel daughter, I realized I need the play mat again. I called my aunt and thank god she remembered where she had purchased that play mat. She said that she had purchased it from I immediately ordered it and now my daughter has started sitting and crawling on her own. The play mat helps in playing on it safely.

    Garrett Moss

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