Dwinguler Playmats - Great For Children Of All Ages

Nisha Mathew

At Dwinguler India, we always talk of the importance we place on understanding parents and their need to provide their delicate and precious children with the best that they can get! It’s for this very reason we give parents our Dwinguler and Baby Care range of play mats and baby products - products they can trust as blindly as their own babies trust them.  

Dwinguler Baby Playmats, as we all know, is unlike any other you have seen – it is one of the safest, if not the safest play mat in the market. Over the years, Dwinguler Playmats have consistently adhered to high quality and safety benchmarks making these play mats super safe for kids and are easy on the environment too. These mats have been produced to the highest possible standard from the best quality materials in the world. The result is a premium play mat that could sometimes be perceived as somewhat ‘pricey’ by parents while making the decision to buy a top quality playmat for their little one. We are sure questions like - Is this expensive buy start collecting dust in some corner of the house? Since it can be used only for a few years... is it really worth the investment? Will my baby even like the play mat I buy? – are knocking around your head. 

We think... buying the super safe, cushiony and eco-friendly Dwinguler play mat is going to be the best decision you make, it is absolutely worth your investment AND it’s been designed to be used by the whole family every day for many many years! From babyhood through to school age, as your children and family grow, the benefits of a Dwinguler Play Mat will be continued to be enjoyed.

We guarantee you, one fantastic Dwinguler Play Mat can be used all over the home as your children grow and develop - they form an essential part of kids activities at every stage and are suitable for even a 10 year old. Take a look at our growth and use info graphic -  the possibilities are endless!

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