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Nisha Mathew

Thank You Sheeba Manish from Little Kulture for an unbiased review of our Dwinguler brand! We absolutely love it and proudly add it to our small but growing list of reviews.

According to Sheeba, "Babies are happiest when they are allowed to roll on their bellies, kick up their toes, stretch to hold mamma’s or dadda’s finger and generally have fun. These ‘play’ activities are important to develop their cognitive and motor skills. Very often though as parents and caregivers we want to carry baby around as much as possible. This works for a bit. Soon baby wants to be carried around everywhere and as they become mobile, neither the crib nor the bed are safe options. Furthermore,hands tire and mothers are known to develop back pain and numbness of the arm by constant carrying.

Playmats are therefore a great help to parents and allow babies to roll about and crawl without hurting themselves. One of the best playmats available in the market are the Dwinguler playmats. Their superior quality make truly make them  a friend to families with a baby/babies. Dwinguler mats are double sided, filled with pleasing landscapes and are textured to ensure greater grip for baby. The mats are non-toxic, hard to tear and can be rolled and taken pretty much anywhere. The best thing of course is that can be wiped clean with a wet cloth and the mat is as good as new."

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