Posh Baby and Kids at CBME 2017.

Shaila Patoley

The CBME 2017 exhibition was held in Mumbai between April 11 and 13. It's one of the leading B2B exhibitions in the world for the maternity, child, and baby products industry. Manufacturers, retailers, and distributors from across the world showcase their products at the show. Every year, the show also offers the right window to introduce new product.

Posh Baby and Kids, the Canadian retailer, made its entry into the Indian market in December 2015 and had attended its first CBME show last year in Mumbai. At that show, we had displayed our range of Dwinguler and Baby Care play mats as well as Dwinguler Kids Sofa and Play Castle. It had been a great show for us and had been instrumental in helping us build our retailer and distributor network.

Through 2016, our interactions with our distributors, retailers, and our lovely customers helped us gain a whole lot of insights--not only about the market but also about the expectations of consumers, the rationale behind their purchase patterns and decisions, and the Indian culture,  traditions, and way of doing things. It was interesting and left us with invaluable knowledge. As our consumers, retailers, distributors, and markets talked, we listened. And that's how, this year, we introduced the Bebedom range of play mats at CBME 2017.  

Bebedom is the economy range of play mats from Posh Baby and Kids, launched in response to a consumer need and demand for a more cost-effective play mat that did not compromise on safety. Right on brief, Bebedom play mats balance price and quality.  Made from high quality PVC that is free from toxins, endocrine disruptors, phthalates, and BPA, the play mats are very safe for kids--no compromises there. Additionally, they have just the right amount of cushioning to ensure kids have a soft and warm area on which they can play. They come in small and medium sizes and are delightfully light, hence easy to carry to picnics, when visiting relatives, to the play park and other outdoor areas. Like all our play mats, they are waterproof. Simply wipe off food, juice, soup, and water spills with a wet cloth dipped in a little soapy water.  If the mat needs a bath, you can soap it up and rinse it off for a sparkly clean mat.

A pleasant surprise for the visitors was that Bebedom has a plain wood flooring print on the reverse side. When kids are not playing on the mat, it can be flipped and used as a floor mat! The design is contemporary and blends in effortlessly and elegantly with any décor. Moreover, the padded construction means the mat can be used for floor exercises and Yoga too. In fact, it can be used any time you need a soft, cushioned mat around the house. Bebedom is 3 mats all rolled into one that way...truly value for money. The mat comes with a 1 year warranty and has a 7-year life span.

All our products, including Bebedom, are available online on We also stock our range in stores across various Indian cities. You can check out this link to find a store in your city.

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