BeBe Dom Playmat - Teacher Rabbit - Medium

Rs. 7,200.00

There is nothing cuter than having a furry rabbit for a teacher!

BeBe Dom Teacher Rabbit Playmat features alphabets from A-Z in bright, vivid colours and appealing graphics. This unique play mat acts as a great learning tool - for little ones to learn the alphabet and develop their capability of understanding object and words associated with each of the alphabet. Not only does this bright and playful Teacher Rabbit BeBe Dom Playmat interest and entertain kids, but it is quite helpful for parents too; giving you the opportunity to spend time with your kids, making up crazy funny stories as you introduce them to the alphabets. Teacher Rabbit Playmat is reversible with a plain design on the reverse side. Turn over the mat anytime for a new visual experience.

BeBe Dom Playmat is a premium playmat that now fits in your budget. These play mats creates the best play area for your children to play, jump, roll, tumble and so much more, safely. Soft and durable, BeBeDom playmats will keep babies safe, happy and entertained. These play mats can be used mats anytime and anywhere, indoors or outdoors.


Features and Benefits

  • BeBe Dom Teacher Rabbit Playmat has been laboratory tested and has passed the European Toy Safety Standards EN 71 for a high quality and safe play mat that gives your baby the best.
  • Soft and cushioned BeBeDom Teacher Rabbit Playmat protects kids from injury in case of falls - cushioning little knees, heads and wrists. Your little ones are safe with BeBeDom!
  • Teacher Rabbit Playmat surface is waterproof which means spilled drinks, dribbled fluids or dropped food is easy to clean up after. Simply wipe up with a tissue or a wet cloth for a hygienic and clean play area.
  • With its non-slip functionality, Teacher Rabbit Playmat provides stability reducing minor falls and bumps.
  • BeBeDom comes with a unique jewel embossing pattern that offers a different sensory experience while touching the mat. It also ensures that the mat surface does not crease.
  • Teacher Rabbit BeBeDom Playmat comes in a medium size: 1800mm x 1400mm x 10mm

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