Baby Care Playmat - Pingko & Friends - Medium

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Introduce your kids to the very adorable Pingko and his equally adorable pals on the Baby Care Playmat - Pingko and Friends. When this chubby pink elephant hangs around with his plump pals, it’s fun time for your kiddies. The bright colours and pleasant graphics are designed to catch your child’s interest and fondness. Use this mat as an excuse to hang out with the kiddies and introduce them to Pingko’s many animal friends by name.  

On the reverse side, kids will learn the alphabet and, with the bright colours and lettering, they will enjoy it too. Also on this side are the alphabetically arranged names of animals. The play mat is versatile enough to be used anywhere in the house and tough enough to be used anywhere outdoors.

Features and Benefits:

  • The highest quality non-toxic material has been used to make Baby Care Playmats. They are free from phthalate, latex, lead and BPA. This makes the mats gentle, eco-friendly and kid-friendly.
  • Parents can rest assured about the quality of the Baby Care playmats. The play mats have been tested to European Toy Standards EN71 and are hygienic and safe for children.
  • The padded construction of the play mat cushions falls and tumbles, and protects delicate heads, hands and wrists.
  • The Baby Care playmats are wonderfully easy to clean. Wipe any spills, dribbles and food with soap and water and that’s the end of it.
  • This shock absorbent play mat also reduces noise, keeping the atmosphere quiet and peaceful.

This Baby Care Pingko & Friends Playmat medium measures 185cm x 125cm x 1.1cm in size.

Note: The price already includes tax and shipping fee.

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