Dwinguler Playmat - Dinoland - Large

Rs. 18,500.00

Let the Dwinguler Playmat - Dinoland take your kids into an exciting Jurassic world where cute dinosaurs live. The mat will allow their imagination to fly as your little ones spend many happy hours imagining, discovering, rolling and playing.

On the other side, the mat features alphabets and numbers from 1 to 10. Children learn words connected with the alphabet. The bright colours and appealing graphics make the mats interesting and entertaining for kids. As a parent, you get to spend time with the kids, telling them about the different types of dinosaurs that existed, creating adventurous stories around them and introducing them to alphabets and numerals.

Use these mats anywhere in the house or outdoors. They are delightfully fuss-free.

Features and Benefits:

  • Knowing that you want to give your children only the best, our Dwinguler playmats have been laboratory tested and have passed the CPSIA and European Toy Safety Standards. This makes them high quality and safe.
  • The non- slip surface of these mats helps reduce minor falls and bumps. The superior padded construction of the Dwinguler Playmats cushions tender knees, heads and wrists against serious injury in case of a fall. Your kids are in safe hands!
  • The Dwinguler Playmats have a soft surface and superior cushioning that help insulate against cold hard and tiled floors. They keep tiny feet comfortable as they walk and play. The play mats have a padded body that absorbs shocks as well as sounds, keeping the atmosphere quiet and serene.
  • Spilled drinks, dribbled fluids and dropped food need not be a headache any longer. Just wipe with a wet cloth and you are good to go. As a result, bacteria, ticks and worms are also kept at bay. Kids can be kids and stay healthy too.

The Dwinguler Dinoland Playmat Large measures 230 cm x 140 cm x 1.5 cm in size

Note: The price already includes tax and shipping fee.

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