Dwinguler Playmat - Fairy Tale Land (Coming Soon)

Rs. 15,750.00 Rs. 17,500.00

Give your kids their rightful share of the enchanted life with castles, princesses, gingerbread houses and more. The rich colours and graphics on the Dwinguler playmat are stimulating, and kids can spend hours using their imagination to explore fairytales and dream up new stories! Spend some time telling them the stories behind each character on this magical mat. On the reverse side, the mat has alphabets and makes an interesting learning tool.

These mats are good for kids to lounge around, play and tumble on. They are durable and easy to clean, making them hassle-free to maintain. Use them at home or outdoors to help kids slip into their own little fairytale world.

Features and Benefits:

  • We know that parents want the best for their children. Hence, the Dwinguler play mats are of a reassuringly high quality, having been effectively tested for safety according to US and European Safety Standards.
  • Safety has been given the highest priority when making these mats. The Dwiguler Playmats are free from formamide, harmful heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, chromium, selenium, arsenic, barium, antimony or mercury, from toxic materials such as formaldehyde and toluene, from phthalate chemicals, and from endocrine disrupters. They are extremely safe for kids and the environment.
  • The slip-free surface and shock-absorbent construction is another way the Dwinguler playmats protect children. The surface reduces falls and tumbles. When they do occur, the padded construction cushions tender knees, heads and wrists against any serious injury.
  • These Dwinguler playmats help keep disturbing noises to a minimum with their shock-absorbent quality that reduces noise, keeping the atmosphere comfortably low-noise.
  • No more need to worry about kids inhaling chemical odours. The Dwinguler Playmats are made out of eco-friendly materials that do not give off a bad odour.