Dwinguler Playmat - Safari (Coming Soon)

Rs. 15,750.00 Rs. 17,500.00

Adventure time! On the Dwinguler Playmat - Safari, kids in a red car and in a boat invite your kiddies to join them on a fun adventure! The Dwinguler Playmats will fire the imagination of children as they build stories and situations in the wilderness and overcome all sorts of conjured-up obstacles. All that’s missing is a toy car and a water pistol! 

On the reverse side, animals from the safari will help kids spell and pronounce animal names. With their vibrant colours and fun graphics, these mats will keep kids happily engaged for hours. Join them in the jungle with stories of your own adventures and travel tales. It’s a fun way to spend time and connect with your kids.You can use these play mats anywhere—in the house, outdoors... any place your kids would like to start an adventure.

Features and Benefits:

  • These Dwinguler Playmats have been effectively tested for safety according to US and European Safety Standards. They are of a reassuringly high quality, ensuring that your kids are getting only the best.
  • The slip-free surface and shock-absorbent construction add to the safety of the mat. The surface reduces falls and tumbles. When they do occur, the padded construction cushions tender knees, heads and wrists against any serious injury.
  • Disturbing noises are kept to a minimum with these play mats. Their shock-absorbent quality also reduces noise, keeping the atmosphere comfortably low-noise.
  • Don't worry about spills and dribbles on these mats. They clean up very easily - a simple wipe with soap and water and spills are just a memory. This also helps prevent bacteria, worms and ticks from living in the mats. Great for your kiddie’s health.
The Dwinguler Safari Playmat Large measures 230 cm x 140 cm x 1.5 cm in size.


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