Dwinguler Playmat - Zoo - Medium

Rs. 16,500.00

Take the kids for a trip to the zoo right on their cozy play mat. The Dwinguler Playmat - Zoo introduces your kiddies to lovable zoo regulars - lions, tigers, elephants, rabbits, in the form of very likeable graphics in vivid colours. Spend time with your kids to build love, appreciation and knowledge about these animals by telling kids more about them or spinning stories involving these four-legged friends.

The Dwinguler Playmat provides a safe, soft and hygienic surface for children to tumble, roll, play and lie down on. The mats can be used anywhere at home and are sturdy enough to be used outdoors as well...at the zoo, for instance!

Benefits and Features:

  • Safety has been given the highest priority when making these mats. The playmats are free from formamide, harmful heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, chromium, selenium, arsenic, barium, antimony or mercury, from toxic materials such as formaldehyde and toluene, from phthalate chemicals, and from endocrine disrupter's.
  • The Dwinguler Playmats have been laboratory tested and have passed the CPSIA and European Toy Safety Standards, making them high quality and safe.
  • The superior padded construction of the Dwinguler Playmats cushions tender knees, heads and wrists against serious injury in case of a fall. Your kids are in safe hands!
  • Spilled drinks, dribbled fluids and dropped food need not be a headache any longer. Just wipe with a wet cloth and you are good to go. As a result, bacteria, ticks and worms are also kept at bay. Kids can be kids and stay healthy too.

The Dwinguler Zoo Playmat Medium measures 190 cm x 130 cm x 1.5 cm in size.

Note: The price already includes tax and shipping fee.

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